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Here you can see the best wayanad tourist places list to explore your vacations, honeymoon, family trip, adventure trip etc.

Wayanad Tourism

The Wayanad district of Kerala is a Popular tourist place. Also known as the Ooty of Kerala. It is famous for the dense forest cover and beautiful view points. It is a green paradise of kerala because its 83.3 percent is covered with forest

List Of Wayanad Tourist Places

Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is the beautiful trekking spot of wayanad with beautiful views. It is also known as the highest peak in Wayanad because its height is about 2100 meter above sea level. Chembra peak adjoins Nilgiris and Vallarimala. We can also reach here by foot. The heart shaped lake called ‘Hridhayathadakam’ at top will also be a fantastic experience.

February to September is the best time to visit here. Chembra is the best site to hike with your friends and adventure partners.

Kuruva island

A riverine island at the middle of the east flowing Kabani river. It is the best among the Wayanad tourist places list to visit with friends and family. The calm and quiet surrounding created by the flora and fauna is an important significance. We can also enjoy the nature by walking through the bamboos and mangroves. Additionally crossing the river by bamboo rafts will be a nice experience.

Pookode Lake

It is an amazing spot among the wayanad tourist places list to hangout with your family. Additionally the fresh water lake is famous for its beauty and offers many interesting activities. We can also explore the beauty of nature by walk or through cycle.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

A major spot to visit in Wayanad. Especially Wildlife safari of Tholpetty will be a memorable experience. This spot is rich with Tigers, elephants, langur, panthers, deers and Indian bison.

Edakkal caves

Edakkal caves is one among the wayanad tourist places list with pre historic importance. It is located at a height of 1200 metre above sea level on the Ambukuthi hills of Nenmeni, Wayanad. May to December visit will give you a better weather, also the wide view at the top is amazing.

Meenmutty Waterfalls

Its a major attraction among the wayanad tourist places list. Secondly, trekking through the greenery to this view will be a wonderful experience. May to October is the best time to visit. It is also best to hangout with friends and family.

Soochippara waterfalls

Soochippara, one among the wayanad tourist places list is an important waterfalls in Wayanad. We can also reach here through a beautiful walk. Additionally the refreshing falls treat us with activities like swimming, water rafting and rock climbing. Moreover monsoon is more suitable to visit here.

Pakshipathalam bird sanctuaries

Pakshipathalam bird sanctuaries among the wayanad tourist places list is famous for Bird lovers and students. It is also a best place to visit with your family and children to watch and enjoy birds. A period of January to October is the best time to visit here. Pakshipathalam is also a home to different types of migratory birds. Additionally edible-Nest Swiftlet is a significant one here for their Nest building process by their own saliva.

Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi is located at an elevation of 700 metres above sea level. It is the end of Thamarassery pass and Gateway to Wayanad. It is one among the wayanad tourist places list that is well known as “Chirapunchi of kerala” due to the highest amount rainfall. We also get a beautiful sight of Greenish passes.

Sultan bathery Jain temple

Firstly it is one of the most beautiful building in Sultan bathery of Wayanad. It is a major jain temple in Kerala, build in 13 th century by Vijayanagara dynasty. This is also a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. Moreover it is a significant site among the wayanad tourist places list with historic, cultural and religious importance.

Neelimala view point

An important view point among the wayanad tourist places list that offers a beautiful sight of Meenmutti waterfalls. Secondly the scenery here is a delight to behold. Also a gang walk through the coffee plantations will be a memorable moment.

Thirunelli temple

A major hindu religious site on the side of Brahmagiri hills. It is an ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Maha Vishn. Also popularly known as the Kashi of South. Additionally beautiful surroundings with lush greenery is a blessing of this place.

Chain tree

It is a popular Historic site in Lakkidi. A memorial of Karinthandan, a local tribesman who helped Britishers to find a way to wayanad. It is a most visited site among the wayanad tourist places listby Family’s and Students.

Bamboo Forest Muthanga

Muthanga is a major forest and a wildlife sanctuary among the wayanad tourist places list. A huge area of this site filled with teak forests, bamboo groves and swamps. The canopy of bamboo in muthanga gives you nice and pleasant mood. Animals like Elephant, bison,fox cheetah, wild bear are widely seen here. This is a living space of native Wayanadan tribes. A best place for safari lovers.

Glass bridge

The Glass bridge of 900 kandi among the wayanad tourist places list is very famous in Kerala and outer states. Glass bridge of the place is reminiscent of the view points found only in foreign countries.

This place is famous for beautiful sun rises and sun sets. We can only reach here by an Off road jeep ride and it will be memorable.

Banasurasagar Dam

Banasurasagar Dam among the Wayanad tourist places list is an earth dam made up of big slabs of rocks and boulders. Banasura is a famous tourist spot with immense of Natural beauty. People love to visit this site to hangout with friends and family.

Altogether this is what the beauty of Wayanad. It is the most explored tourist destination in Kerala, with a blessed nature and climate.

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