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Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala is a tourist destination which offers a list of both man-made and natural spots. One can visit and enjoy many places in Trivandrum. There are many places for sightseeing, adventures and for photo shoots too. There are sites suitable for a picnic, weekend getaways and also for a trip more than two days. The major tourists attractions include its British architecture, beaches, art galleries, religious sites etc. The cultural site, Kuthira Malika, Trivandrum Zoo, Veli Tourist village, Napier Museum can be visited for sightseeing. Checkout the beautiful trivandrum tourist places list.
The recently opened Lulu Mall, one of the largest malls in India also makes tourists visit this destination. Various religious sites around the district reflects the culture of the place and tourists will get to see beautiful sights in both day and night. Tourist guides are there to help the newcomers of this district to take you to the famous attractions of this place and one can get access to these guides through websites.

Trivandrum Tourist Places List

Napier Museum

This museum, a major highlight of the Trivandrum district reflects the art, history and archeology of this district. Uthram Thirunal Marthanda Varma, the Maharajah of Travsncore state was the founder of this museum. It is a heritage site demonstrating ancient culture, history and exclusive collection of artifacts.Apart from these, museum has a garden which has a wide variety of trees and flowers. Besides, museum also has the renowned art gallery known as Sree Chitra Art Gallery. One who visited this museum has the golden opportunity to visit the nearby attractions like Kanakakkunnu Palace and Trivandrum Zoo.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Featuring the 16th century entrance tower and ancient architecture, Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a well-known Hindu temple in Kerala. It is considered as one of the richest places of worship in the world. Tourists often visit here to worship the deity Maha Vishnu and also to study and research about the ancient architecture and history. This temple is one of the rarest religious sites which can be seen now indicating the ancient culture and history. Fusion of both Kerala and Tamil architecture could be experienced from here. It is known as world‘s wealthiest temple. Various hotels near the temple facilitates the food and accommodation of the tourists. Hotel Highland, Hotel Rajadhani, Ekana Homes, Premier House Ariya Nivaas Home etc are the famous hotels near this temple and these are the hotels often chosen by the visitors.


Another religious site indicating the culture of the district is Beemapally. Lakhs of visitors come to visit this mosque known as Beemapally Darga Shareef. The annual festival held here attracts people from various religion and casts. The architect of this heritage site was Govindan Gopalakrishnan. This mosque has a special place in the hearts of people who visit here for both worship and sightseeing.

Neyyar Dam

Being a major picnic spot, Neyyar Dam is situated 30 km from Trivandrum. It had been established in 1958 on the banks of the river Neyyar. The flowing of the river on the foot of Western Ghats make it a major sight that is to be enjoyed. Along with sightseeing, one can do and experience many other activities in this gravity dam. Tourists can go for boating, elephant riding and can also visit Crocodile Rehabilitation and Research Centre, Lion Safari Park, Watch Tower etc. Best part is practising yoga and meditation and finding peace from the Sivananda Yoga Vedantha Dhanwanthari Ashram situated here.

Kanakakkunu Palace

This palace holds a special mention and place in the map of both Trivandrum tourism and the whole Kerala tourism. It is India’s first digital garden, created by Akhilesh S Nair and A. Gangaprasad, belonging to the department of Botany of the University of Kerala.Situated near the Napier Museum, this site is cited as a heritage monument by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). Today, this tourist attraction hosts many meetings and cultural programmes. The highlight among these is the All India Dance Festival conducted by the department of tourism every year. Many natives and foreigners find time and peace in visiting and enjoying this place frequently.

Veli Lake Tourist Village

A comfortable site, comfortable ambience and a complete tourist spot ; Veli Lake Tourist Village can be defined like this. One can enjoy the serene views of the lake and coffee from the nearby cafe. This place owes us a relaxation from the hectic city life. It stands out as a picnic spot which can be equally enjoyed by family and friends. Children’s park located in this area make this place entertaining for the kids either. In addition with all these, tourists can enjoy rides in boats, small boats, canoes and other adventurous water transportation methods. Rubi Arena, Payton Royal Hotel, Moksha are the hotels situated nearby this spot. A tourist visiting Trivandrum should find time to enjoy this place to experience the village life of the district.

Priyadarsini Space Planetarium

A place that can be equally enjoyed by students, kids, scientific research scholars and tourist is this Planetarium. It provides a panoramic experience of the universe with advanced level of technology and is one of the best planetariums in our nation. The main projector here shows almost all the constituents of the universe and tourists can also enjoy 3D presentation.


A famous coastal town in Trivandrum, a site preferred by all the tourists. This places among the trivandrum tourist places list is famous for its beaches, light house and considered as an oldest tourist place in India. Tourists enjoy the serene view bounded by sea waves and palm trees. It is also a platform for cultural activities and one can find ayurvedic facilities nearby. Additionlly People often visit here to enjoy the sunset and click photos in the amidst of rocks and palms.

Visitors can get to know about the tastes of many snacks like Paani puri, Gol Gappe etc from the vendors there. Places to do shopping is also available. Basically Kovalam coastal town is the fusion of three beaches separated by rocks ; the lighthouse beach, Samudra Beach and Hawa Beach. From the lighthouse, one can enjoy the architecture of Vizhinjam Juma Masjid. There are also tourists who visit Trivandrum just to experience this place. Scuba diving also can be added to enjoy a wonderful experience from here. Besides, there are houseboat facilities to provide us the essence of backwaters.

Sunil’s Wax Musuem

It is an Another remarkable spot among the trivandrum tourist places list, which makes Trivandrum worth visiting. It is the first wax museum of Kerala showcasing thirty one wax models including great rulers, freedom fighters, film stars, politicians etc. The convenience is that it is nearby Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple and tourists can enjoy both these places on a single ride.

Aazhimala Shiva Temple

This temple has become the attention grabber of not only devotees, but also tourists due to the unveiling of the 58 feet tall Gangadhareswara statue of Lord Shiva recently. From here, one can enjoy the beauty of statue from the top of Arabian Sea located in the Vizhinjam Beach. This place can be categorised as both religious site and natural site.

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