Best places to visit in Thrissur

Thrissur is the major tourist attraction marked in the map of Kerala. It is also the central part of the state which has its own salient features regarding tourists. It always caught the attention of tourists due to its famous Athirapally Waterfalls, Guruvayoor Temple, State Musuem, Dolous Basilica Church etc. In short, Thrissur is a colourful city showcasing many religious, historical and natural spots. ‘Thrissur Pooram’, an annual temple festival held in Thrissur often make visitors to flee into this place. Natural destinations like beaches, forests, waterfalls and pilgrimage sites like temples make this as a comfortable option for picnics and tours. Checkout the list of tourist places in Thrissur.

Thrissur Tourist Places List

Athirapilly Waterfalls

Largest waterfall in Kerala, Athirapilly Waterfalls is situated in the Athirapilly Panchayat of Thrissur district. This 80 feet tall waterfall is originated from the Western Ghats and flows into the Chalakudy river. This waterfalls is also known as “The Niagara of South India”. One can reach to this spot from Chalakudy Grams Panchayat and the ride from Chalakudy to this spot is quite interesting. Tourists also can enjoy the landscapes of winding roads, lush green trees and small villages. The waterfalls has thick forest and bamboo clusters around it and jungle safari trips organised by the tourist department too can be enjoyed. Visitors can also visit the Vazhachal waterfalls (Charpa falls) which is nearby to the Athirapilly falls and enjoy the sight of both waterfalls in a single trip.

Guruvayoor Temple

One of the most sacred place in Kerala, this temple is dedicated to Lord Guruvayoorappan. Being located in the Guruvayoor region of Thrissur district. Also this religious site make Thrissur a place worth visiting. Apart from worshiping, tourists cab enjoy the relaxed ambience of the site. This temple is home to 56 Asian Elephants with whom you can play, bath and interact in a safe environment. So tourists who are fond of elephants must pay a visit here.

Chavakkad Beach

An exact spot for sea lovers and sunset lovers. This is also considered as a picnic spot where people find time to relax and enjoy. Apart from these in this beach, tourists can enjoy the merging of river and sea.

Archeological Museum

Just like the name sound, this site is as an archeological site and it also reflects as an art museum too. This place has a history of long years. Currently, the museum is situated in the Thrissur Zoo compound. It had been established in 1938 as a picture gallery by the old Government of Cochin. After ten years, an archeological gallery too had been added with it. Secondly, the museum provides a visual treat for the visitors with its big statues of eminent personalities, manuscripts written on dry palm leaves, models of ancient temples, monuments megalith collection consisting of earthern pots.

The best part is that it exhibits the excavated materials from the Indus civilisation, Cheraman Parambu etc. Also many research scholars from the field of art, archeology and history often visit this place as a part of their project and study. This is the favourite spot of the tourists coming to Thrissur. Secondly, foreigners love to visit this place.

Kerala Kalamandalam

A spot and university situated in the small town of Cheruthuruthy in Thrissur which highlights the whole culture of Kerala. It is an university of art and culture established by India. The demised poet Vallathol Narayana Menon is the founder and it is a centre for learning Indian performing arts. Eventhough it is an educational institute, tourists visit here to learn and experience Kerala’s culture, art forms and also to relieve some time in the campus which is located on the banks of river Bharathapuzha.

Vintage Vauxhall Velox Car Club

This car club or museum is the most interesting feature of Thrissur district. It exhibits the vintage collection or cars from 1950s and car fanatics often pays their visit here. This club also helps in studying about the old luxurious vintage collection cars. The museum also has cars like Ford, Mini Cooper Ambassador car etc. Tourists coming to Thrissur should never return without visiting this site.

Sobha City Mall

This shopping mall buit on 4.7 acres of land reflects the tourism of modern Thrissur. It is situated in Puzhakal and had been opened in 2015. Tourists come here to do some shopping, enjoy good food, to hangout with friends and sometimes to watch a film in the six screen multiplex. Also, this place is often chosen by the young tourists to enjoy their leisure time.

Thrissur Zoo or State Museum and Zoo

This is an exact place to enjoy and experience nature and wild life. The natural beauty of Thrissur district can be seen and cherished from here. This zoo and museum lies in a vast area of 13.5 acres of plot and is situated in Chembukkavu. The perks of visiting this place is that the zoo compound homes a natural history museum and art musuem too. When zoo teaches us about the nature and wild life, on the other hand , these museums depicts the cultural and social life of Thrissur and Kerala. Finally, Zoo shelters various reptiles, animals and birds and the sight of these creatures provides a visual treat to the tourists.

Chimmini Dam

Being another major attraction, Chimmini Dam is the largest dam in Thrissur. It is constructed across Kurumeli river in the Chalakudy Taluk. It attracts numerous tourists and they love enjoying the coracles ride here. This dam is nearby the Chimmini Wild life Sanctuary. In this place, tourists can also experience adventurous activities like Bamboo rafting, birding trail, butterfly safari, jungle craft, animal tracking etc.

Shakthan Thampuran

Palace People often say that Thrissur holds the most cultural sites of the state and this cultural and tourist attraction is a proof for this. This palace is built in the architectural style including the fusion of both Kerala and Dutch styles and is now known as Vadakkekara Palace. Built in 1795, it is now being preserved by the archeological department. This spot which reflects the ancient dynasty of Shakthan Thampuran has turned out to be a favourite picnic and tourist spot to sit back and relax.

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