Best places to visit in Pathanamthitta

Pathanamthitta, a southern district of Kerala is always reflected as an attractive tourist place. This district, which is bounded by four municipalities, is a prestige destination for visiting many historical and pilgrimage centers. The renowned pilgrimage center ‘Sabarimala’ the hill temple of Lord Ayyappa is a significant asset of this place. Additionally, Pathanamthitta has a reputation for holding the spot Gavi Eco-tourist spot which got a place among one of the best tourist centers in the world. Also, Researchers and Archeologists along with other tourists from various parts of the world always opt this place as a one-stop destination to pay a visit to various sites here and study about its culture. Rivers, hills, eco-tourist spots, historical sites, temples, churches, etc always add glory to the tourism of Pathanamthitta. Check out the best Pathanamthitta tourist places.


Pathanamthitta Tourist Places


This eco-tourist spot is the centre of attraction among the Pathanamthitta tourist places. Gavi, a small village situated in the middle of tea plantations and dense forests, always make the tourists to visit it. One can also enjoy the Periyar Tiger Reserve on their visit to Gavi, because both possess just 14 kms distance between each other. The visit to Gavi enables us in experiencing and enjoying the nature completely with its view of a village surrounded by dense forest, tea plantations and river. Gavi is also a spot chosen for trekking, canoeing and camping by the youngsters. Hence, this natural place provides us with a whole natural vibe.


This is the most visited pilgrimage site in India because around crores of people visiting here every year. It also has the famous Ayyappa temple and is located inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The main highlight of this temple is that it is the amidst of eighteen hills and dense forests surrounding which is known as the ‘ Poongavanam’.
Fused with both natural spot and religious sites, the tourist attraction of the destiny never diminishes.


Firstly it is a village with river streams which is a host for snake boat race organised on the final day of ‘ Onam’ a national festival of Kerala. Aranmula is also the birthplace for many crafters and is an expert in craftsmanship. This village had also given rise to the renowned art of metal mirror. This place acts as both historical and natural site.

Konni Forest Reserve

A major spot marked in the tourist spot. This place is the home to forests, plantations and wild forests and situated in the banks of river Achakovil. It is also well known for its Elephant training centre, timber trade and bowl boat ride. If you are visiting Pathanamthitta ever in your life, kindly never miss the opportunity to visit this place, because, this provides both enjoyment and adventure.

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls

Single spot for leisure, pleasure and peace, this is what this waterfalls of Pathanamthitta owes to us. Lying beneath the Western Ghats, this waterfall provides us with breathtaking views of waterfalls, forests and hills. Kudamurtty and Vechoochira are the two shores of this waterfalls.

The fascinating part of this place is that it has two waterfalls. Panamkudantha and Padivathil, both originated from the dense forests of Sabarimala. This destiny is also a spot for rehabilitation of the soul.


A small place in Pathanamthitta to overview the hill, do trekking and spend some quality time in nature. This hill is associated with the myth of Ramayana tales. A place which will provide us with memorable adventures.

Manjinikkara Church

A famous Syrian Catholic Christian Pilgrimage Centre situated on the top of the hill. This church is famous for its figures of Jesus and Saint on the altar.

Kaviyoor Rock Temple

This place has many reputations like a pilgrimage center, a cultural site. This is the only rock temple located in our State. Since this temple is denoted to the Monkey God, Lord Hanuman, many monkeys can be seen in the surroundings of this temple. This temple depicts the culture of ancient Pathanamthitta.

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