Best places to visit in Palakkad

Palakkad, the rice ball of Kerala, is distinguished by its scenic beauty. It is also the face of Kerala in the field of tourism. This is where the unique beauty of God’s own country springs up. Moreover, the charming sights of Palakkad, which is familiar in many movie frames and advertisements, is beyond mere enjoyment. Checkout some best palakkad tourist places list.

List of Tourist Places In Palakkad

Nelliyambathi hills

Nelliyambathi is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala located in the Western Ghats at a height of more than 4500 feet above sea level. It is also a favorite weekend destination for people in and outside Palakkad. Secondly, it is popularly known as “Poor man’s Ooty” with its exotic and panoramic beauty. The land is rich with cultivations like tea coffee, cardamom, and orange plantations.

Seethargundu view point

Seethargundu is famous for its attracting ariel viewpoint located in Nelliyambathi hills. It is a well maintained site so safe to spend with family and friends. Additionally this area is totally covered with greeny tea plantations and trucking to this space will be a best experience.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam is wild life and safari park in Kerala. It is also well protected area of western ghats rich with verities of universally endangered species. Tiger is a major attraction here. Moreover it is a significant Tiger Reserve in India and a noted one in Kerala. Hence it is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Kalpathy Temple

A famous and important Temple in Kalpathy, Palakkad. The temple is famous for its Radholsavam (chariot festival) and also temple complex is surrounded by Tamil Brahmin villages called Agraharam constructed in the 14th century. Kalpathi is a beautiful village. People are attracted to this place due to the famous Radholsavam of, Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy temple. Lord Shiva and his wife goddess Parvathi were the major deities here. It is a remarkable festival of Kerala conducted during November. The temple is on the bank of the Kalpathi river which is also called Nila and due to the resemblance to the Kashi Viswanadha temple Kalpathi is called half Kashi. The radholsavam is also a great visual treat and the place is better to visit in November.

Silent Valley National Park

Firstly, it is the Nilgiri Hills’ biggest national park, which is home to several rare flora and fauna. Silent valley was established as a national park in 1984, is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. It is also a must visit destination for students and Nature lovers. Additionally, the tropical ever green rain forest of Kerala is rich with great biodiversity and famous for Nilgiri Tahr and Lion Tailed Macaques. This area is home to a wide range of plants, animals, and bird species. One can spot about 50 to 80% of these inside the park while the visit to this forest in the perfect climates.

Tipu Sultan Fort

Tipu Sultan fort is a significant historical construction in Palakkad. Hyder Ali, the prince of Mysore, rebuilt it in 1766 and named it after his son Tipu. The fort is also under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India. Hence, the well maintained Palakkad fort is a must visit destination.

Dhoni waterfalls

An ideal destination with scenic beauty is Palakkad. It is the best spot to visit with friends and family. Dhoni is a beautiful waterfall. Additionally surrounded by wild forest rich with Elephant, Tigers and Deers. Dhoni offers ideal place for trekking with well experienced guide.

Attapadi Reserve Forest

Attapadi is a famous reserved and protected forest in India. It is tribal area with some significant flora and fauna. The presence of River bhavani nourishes the region. It is also a less explored forest in Kerala inhabited by Muduga, Irula, and Kurumba tribes. The wild life of this region can be spot through safari. We can see elephants, Sambar deer, bison, the famous Malabar giant squirrel, lion-tailed macaques, leopards here.

This region is endemic to Attappadi black goats. Visitors can truck here through allotted areas and find some beautiful view points and waterfalls.

Pothundi Dam

Pothundi dam view point park is a major tourist destination in Palakkad. It is one of India’s most oldest dams. Nemmara Vallengi Vela Festival in the banks of Pothundi dam is famous.

Meenvallam waterfalls

Meenvallam is a small waterfall but a great place to hang out with friends and family. It is a site with relaxing atmosphere. A better destination for jungle lovers who can swim and bath here. It is a must visited place.

Siruvani Dam

Siruvani dam is a major dam across the river Siruvani in Palakkad. It is an important sight seeing spot with wonderful surroundings. A reserve forest covers the dam. The presence of Muthikkulam hills in the eastern side of the dam gives beautiful sight of waterfall. Siruvani is also home to certain tribals called Mudugars and Irulars. It’s best place to enjoy the beauty of nature and an excellent option for nature lovers.

As a result views of Palakkad are endless with beautiful surroundings. The natural beauty of this place is a hallmark. The nature is waiting for our arrival, let’s go and explore.

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