Muloor Smarakam is a memorial dedicated to the famous poet and a pre-independence era social reformer Muloor S Padmanabha Panicker. He is a renowned poet and a social reformer of Kerala during the pre-independent era. The home of this famed poet and social reformer is converted into a memorial known by the name of Muloor Smarakam. The Muloor Smarakam is siutated about 12 km from Pathanamthitta town. This initiative was taken by the Department of Culture of the State Government. The memorial includes a ‘Smriti Kudeeram’ and a Muloor Museum consisting of the memorabilia of the poet and the furniture and footwear used by Sree Narayana Guru, the social reformer of Kerala. This place attracts historians and the beauty of the place draws many tourists. This spot pulls in students of history and the magnificence of the spot draws numerous voyagers. Historiographers are attracted to the Muloor Smarakam because of the historical. Literary enthusiasts and authors oftenly came to this place because it is the memorial of a poet.

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