Best places to visit in Kozhikode

Known for its rustic flavors and mesmerizing aromas, Kozhikode is one of the fascinadoras destinations in the map of the tourist of Kerala. One of the significant site in North Kerala. Here you can enjoy mountains, streams, fields, valleys, seas and estuaries.Along with this, many historical sights await you. The history and life of Kozhikode has been changing since the Portuguese footsteps till today.Natural resources and culture add to the richness of this soil. Many people come here in search of delicious food Many people come here in search of delicious food and calicut has also prepared interesting sightseeing spots for visitors. Checkout the list of tourist places in kozhikode.

Kozhikode Tourist Places List

Kappad beach

This is a place of great historical significance. Kappad still has the reputation of being the soil that took the steps of foreign domination in India. Kappad is a beautiful beach. People come here to watch the evening sights and sunset. Rocks and sand lands also make this place beautiful.


Vayalada is a famous foggy hill top of Calicut. We can get here with an interesting little trek. It is also a tourist destination of hikers and trekkers known for its beautiful mornings and evenings. Vayalada is a best destination for one day or half day visit. The hill top is a favourite hangout spot of Natives here.

Kakkayam dam

Apart from being a reservoir, Kakkayam is also a beautiful tourist attraction. Located at Koorachund in Kozhikode district, this hilly village is blessed with natural beauty. Kakkayam is also a home to abundant flora and fauna. Secondly, Elephants and bisions are very common here. Kakkayam reservoir is a part of Kuttiyadi hydro electric power station. It is a highlighted trekking and rock climbing destination


Thusharagiri is a beautiful waterfall among the Kochi tourist places list. The land is also famous for three major and attractive waterfalls at Erattumukku, Mazhavil Chattom, and Thumbithullum Para which can be reached through trekking. Additionally, the challipuzha river streaming over the rocks is a beautiful experience. This is a must visit place for anyone who visit calicut. You will be captivated by the forests, the dense trees and the natural beauty of the place. Its a must visit.

Kozhikode beach

Kozhikode beach is one of the best hangout spot in Kerala. It is a major attraction in Kerala tourism. There is no other place so perfect for enjoying beautiful sea views with good delicious snacks. The majestic and beautifully maintained beach adorns the Malabar Coast. Secondly, cleanliness, tranquility and privacy are the highlights of this place. It is doubtful whether there is such a beautiful place to present beautiful sea views.

Kozhippara falls

Kozhippara water falls is an important waterfall in Calicut. The waterfall is situated on the border of Kakkadampoyil near to Malappuram. Secondly, this is best place to chill with your friends and family. This place is perfect for enjoying the views in harmony with nature

Beypore beach

Beypore is another beach in Kozhikode which has a lot of historical significance. It is an ancient Port. In addition compared to other beaches, the place is bustling with trade and cargo ships and is a popular tourist destination. Beypore is also significant for building wooden ships, most popularly known as dhows or urus . The Floating Bridge in Beypore, which has recently started attracting tourists and natives. This is a must visit place for adventure seekers.

Thali shiva temple

Thali is a famous temple situated at the heart of the Calicut city. The temple is divoted to Lord shiva was built by Zamorin of Calicut in 14 th century. Thali is also one of the oldest temple in Kozhikode and a famous religious spot of Hindus over Kerala.

In terms of sights, Kozhikode has a lot to offer, but what people are looking for is its tastes and cultures of the places. The sights here are a bonus with mouth-watering flavors. Also do not forget to enjoy the tastes and sights of Kozhikode with your family and friends. The land of spices and sculptures, plays an important role in the field of Kerala tourism.

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