Best places to visit in Kottayam

Kottayam is famous for natural beauty and one of the most important tourist destinations in Kerala. The east and west of the land is covered with most beautiful and significant geographical features of our state. The eastern part is flanked by the western ghats and western part with back waters and paddy fields. Many known lakes in Kerala are also part of Kottayam, so most important thing here is back water tourism. The backwaters are famous for their boat races during the Onam season and also this place blessed with mountains, hills, streams, waterfalls, fields and waters. See the best Kottayam tourist places list to explore.

List of best tourist places in Kottayam

Kumarakam bird sanctuary

Kumarakam is a very famous bird sanctuary in Kerala regionally known as Vembanad bird sanctuary. The land is situated on the banks of Famous Vembanad lake in the Kerala back waters. Kumarakom is a popular destination not only for Ornithologists but also for children, students and family. This spot is also a favourite home to different verities of native and migratory birds. Boating is also available here along with bird watching.


Kottathavalam is a beautiful hill spot in the Kurishumala of Murugan hills, Kottayam. This spot is famous for short road trips. Also the destination is Loved by people who are adventurous and love trekking. You can see many small and huge temples on the way to top of the hill. Additionally, there is a thousand years old temple at Kottathavalam and a rock carved Cave. The divinity and natural beauty of this site will make you feel better.


Vaikom is one of the important places in the renaissance history of Kerala and it also plays an important role in the tourism sector. Secondly, Vaikom is home to most scenic backwaters of Kerala. There is many beautiful spots near lakes where you can enjoy the views. This is a best peaceful spot for couples and family.

Elaveezha poonchira

One of the major and important trekking spot among the Kottayam tourist places list, popular for its lush greeny surroundings and waterfalls. Also this spot is surrounded by three major hills called Mankunnu, Kodayathoormala and Thonippara. This is a best picnic spot to hangout with your friends.


Nadukani is a green covered beautiful hill station in Kottayam. You will get best areal views at the top of the hill and also the peak offers views of Nilgiri mountains and Muvattupuzha river. Now it is a most visited spot of hikers and friends. You can also hang out with your family and favourites.

Maramala waterfalls

Maramala is an adventure spot to visit in Erattupetta near Kottayam. It is a very dangerous destination and also filled with immense of enchanting beauty. This is a place that needs to be approached with great care and patience. No one should forget to pay attention themselves while enjoying the beauty of the cascading waterfall. This is an all time favourite destination of adventure seeking people.

The Island of Pathiramanal

Pathiramanal is a very popular riverine island in the Vembanad lake in the Kerala back waters. The journey through this island will fascinate you with her mesmerising beauty. The panoramic sights of Pathiramanal give you pleasure and happiness. Boating is also available here. It is a suitable place to chill out with your family and kids. The land is a breeding space of different varieties of native and migratory birds. The greeny cover of plants and mangroves add to the beauty of Pathiramanal.

Secondly, this land lies in between Kottayam and Aleppy. Its definitely a paradise to birds and bird watchers. The island is home to varieties of migratory birds like Night Heron, Cormorant, Darter, Indian Shag, Purple Heron, Cattle Egret, Indian Pond Heron, Little Egret, Pintail Ducks, Bronze-winged Jacanas, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Whistling Duck, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Little Cormorant, Whiskered Tern, Common Teal etc. It is a popular bird sanctuary in Kerala. There is around 50 species of migratory birds and 91 species of local birds are in this spot. A time period of December to March is the best season to visit and explore here

Poonjar palace

Poojar palace is a noted historical spot among Kottayam tourist places list. It is also a must and worthy place to visit. Inside this classic construction we can experience the royal splendor of Poonjar. The art and architecture of this palace will be a fresh experience.

Illikkal kallu

Illikkal kallu in Kottayam is a famous tourist attraction in Kerala. It is also an ideal spot for trekkers and natural lovers. Illikkal kallu is a part of Western ghats that lies at a height of 6000 feet above sea level. The top of the peak is surrounded by beautiful views and weather. The greeny sights around the mount will be a treat to your eyes. The evening sights and sun set of Illikkal kallu is enchanting.

Ettumanoor Mahadeva temple

Ettumanoor Mahadeva temple is a famous religious spot in Kottayam, devoted to the deity of Lord shiva. This is one of the oldest temple in Kerala with a beautiful temple architecture. Ettumanoor temple is a very famous holy space of hindu religion but also a significant tourist and pilgrimage spot.

Thangal para

Thangal para is an important pilgrimage spot for Muslims but also a magnificent sight seeing spot of Kerala. This site is visited by thousands of Muslim devotees during the time of Urs festival. The views from the top of the rock region is wonderful.

Chottanikkara temple

Chottanikkara is famous divine spot of Hindus. The temple is devoted to mother goddess. It is a renowned temple in Kerala for its festivals and temple architecture. Apart from being a temple, Chottanikkara is also a popular destination for tourists visiting Kottayam

Kumaranalloor bhagavathi temple

Kottayam is rich with number of temples and religious sites.
Kumaranalloor Bhagwati Temple is a popular tourist destination. It is a rare architectural complex with a rare nalambalam pattern and a shrikovil devoted to goddess bhagavathi. Additionally,it is believed to be a two thousand year old ancient temple. Hence, tourists visiting Kottayam often visit this place.

Tomb Of Saint Alphonsa

The tomb of saint Alphonsa is a holly spot of Christian community. It is a significant religious site in Kerala visited by a great number of Christian devotees and travellers. Additionally, the tomb is a mortal remain of st.Alphonsa a famous Indian religious educator.

Monore light house

A best spot to local visit or weekend hangouts. Also you will get an enchanting sight of lake vembanad from this spot. The scenery of the location will capture your mind. The sun set near the paddy’s will be a nice feel.

The old Juma masjid

A palace like beautiful Juma masjid in the bank of river meenachil is an old mosque in Kerala. It is a major religious spot of Muslims. Secondly, the thousand years old mosque is famous for its building and architecture. The wooden carvings and construction will be a nice experience.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church

One of the oldest church in Kerala. An important religious spot of christen religion. The murals from bible on the walls of church is so beautiful. Also the plan and architecture of the church is in a Portuguese style.

Nattakom and Panachikkad village

Nattakom and Panachikkad villages are culturally significant spots in Kottayam. The place is famous for its beautiful surroundings and rustic beauty. Secondly, Temples and buildings of this villages shows a heritage importance. It will be new feel when you visit this villages in Kottayam.

Kottayam has a lot to offer, both small and vast views. There are many attractions here like temples, religious and devotional centers and museums.Migratory birds, fish, boats and paddy fields can also be seen here.There is no other place in Kerala where the backwaters are as beautiful as Alappuzha. It is Our goal to explore them without leaving.There are many endless sights to see and do not miss them. Kottayam is also a great idea to enjoy your weekends or Holidays with your family and friends. Let’s explore the land.

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