Best places to visit in Kochi

Ernakulam most popularly known as Kochi is a Significant attraction in tourism sector. The queen of Arabian sea is located at the south west coast of Kerala, mesmerizing people by its magical beauty. Sea and back waters are a major attraction here, Hill tops, view points, waterfalls and historic sites are also included in that list. Advanced developments in this district is a boon. The fact that Kochi is one step ahead of other districts in Kerala in terms of urbanization contributes significantly to the tourism sector. Here you can see list of best tourist places in kochi.

Kochi Tourist Places List

Chottanikkara Bhagavathi temple

Chottanikkara bhagavati temple is a famous religious site in Kerala. This is a relief center for the mentally ill. It is a mother goddess temple with deity of Rajarajeswari and Badrakali. The major festival of this temple is held in the month of February to March or in Malayalam month kumbam. The goddess is supposed to come out of the temple and bless all her devotees and after the ritual bath she returns to the temple.

Edappally Church

It is a famous Christian religious spot but also open for all devotees. The church is famous for its beautiful construction style belongs to the oldest churches in India.


Its a nearest beach to fort Kochi with a calm and beautiful atmosphere. Vypene is a must visit to hangout with your famly and friends. You will get a mesmerising sunset here.
The quiet and uncrowded shores give you peace and pleasure. Clean and glassy waves and sand tempts you to swim.

Bhoothathan kettu

A significant tourist destination of Cochin With a Dam and reserved forest area. Walking through the forest will give you a lot of pleasure. From this site we can explore the beauty of River Periyar. This is so close to Thattekad bird sanctuary and Idamalayar forest cover. The fascinating surroundings will make you glee.

Thattekkad bird sanctuary

The famous bird sanctuary in India and the first in Kerala popularly known as Dr Salim ali bird sanctuary. Its located in Thattekad in the branches of river Periyar. It is a richest bird habitat very famous for Malabar gray hornbill. It is a paradise to various verities of cuckoos and birds like Indian pitta, Collared scops owl,Oriental darter, Cormorants, Jerdon’s nightjar, Ceylon frogmouth, Yellow-browed bulbuls, Grey-fronted green pigeon and etc. Dr. Salim Ali, the Famous ornithologist and renowned as the ‘Bird man of India’ found this place near Periyar and Today the sanctuary is known after his name. Sightseeing by trucking gives you more experiences, butterflies are a major boon here. Boating also makes the area more attractive.

Aluva Mahadeva Mahadeva

The ancient Mahadeva temple in the banks of River Periyar is famous for its renowned Shivarathri maholsav. The uniqueness of Aluva Mahadeva Temple is that the Shivalinga is not enshrined in a Sreekovil of the belief is that the Swayambhoo Shivalinga installed by Lord Parasurama rises out of the sand banks of the largest river Periyar. This place is known as Aluva Manal Puram.

Paniely poru

A best destination for trucking and hangouts. It is just 20 km away from Perumbavoor and 35 km from Aluva. The river flow through here is a part of River Periyar. We can see numerous reverine islands in this location. Forest and hill tops of Paniely poru is a real treat of nature. We can easily truck here with friends and family.

Munambam beach

An Ideal place for picnic and hangouts. It is a part of Vypne island near Munambam fishing harbor.The beautiful sight of sunset is mesmerising here. An evening at Munambam with your family or loved ones can give you heaven. These area famous for fishing. Fishing and processing is the major occupation of Natives. Munambam located at the north end of vypne island, covered by Periyar river at east and on the west by Arabian sea.

Mattancheri Palace

A major concentration of Kerala tourism is the Mattancheri palace. It was build in 16 th century by the Portuguese. It is a jewish religious site now preserved as a historic monument. A long walk through the Mattancheri streets will give you an ethnic proud of Jewish culture. The handicrafts and antique collections will be blissfull to your eyes. The palace was built by the Portuguese in 1545 CE as a gift to Cochin ruler Veera Kerala Varma. Mattancheri palace is a must visit to students and travellers.

Hill palace

Hill palace is a famous archaeological museum among the kochi tourist places list. It was the imperial administrative office and official residence of the Cochin Maharaja that built in 1865. The building complex consist with an archaeological museum, a heritage museum, a deer park, a pre-historic park and a children’s park. The site is also famous for film shootings. Its a must visit destination with your friends and family.

Cherai beach

Cherai beach, one of the most visited beach in Kerala. It is located at the northern side of Vypin island. Compared to other beaches in Kerala the waves are more calm to explore. People flock here to enjoy the beautiful evenings and sunsets.

There are still many sights to see in Kochi. Though Kochi has the face of civilization, we are drawn to the backstress of beautiful villages. Travelers are mesmerized by the beauty of the sea and the backwaters. That’s what every sight tells us, that its worthy to visit Cochin.

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