Best places to visit in kerala

List Of Best Tourist Places To Visit In Kerala

Here you can see more best tourist places to visit in Kerala, before that Kerala is one of the most important tourist destination in India. Secondly it is blessed with its geograpical features and formations. As a result It is a major tourist attraction in India.

Also,the fourteen districts of Kerala are categorized by their unique beauty, According to the beauty of their back waters, paddy fields, waterfalls, hilltops and etc.

Unique cultural heritage has been the hallmark of Kerala since ancient times. As a result, People have loved to explore Kerala ever since.


Kasaragod is the land of God is because it is rich in historical backgrounds and constructions. Its long coastline is another major significance. And it is also the highest river flowing district in Kerala, surrounded by Kannur district in the south, Mangalore in the north, Western Ghats in the west and Arabain Sea in the east.

Kasaragod Tourist Places

  1. Bekal fort (historical site)
  2. Ranipuram (mountains and hiking)
  3. Ananthapura Lake Temple (religious site)
  4. Madhur Sri Madanantheshwara Siddhivinayaka Temple (religious site)
  5. Malla Temple (religious site)
  6. Malom (nature and wild life)
  7. Kottancheri Hills (nature and wildlife)
  8. Chandragiri Fort (historical site)


The city of looms and folklores is an important tourist attraction and also known as the Manchester of kerala by the concentration of Handloom industries. Secondly the city is home to Theyyam, the famous folk art form. Kannur played a major role in the cultural, historical and religious development of kerala and also the home to heritage. In addition the longest coastlines of Kannur is a beautiful attraction.

Kannur Tourist Places

  1. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach (Beaches)
  2. Rajarajeshwara Temple (religious site)
  3. Palakkayam Thattu (mountains,hiking and wildlife)
  4. Peralassery Temple (religious site)
  5. Payyambalam (Beaches)
  6. Madayipara (Nature and wildlife)
  7. Fort St. Angelos (historical site)
  8. Kavvayi Islands (Water bodies)


Wayanad among the best tourist places to visit in kerala is a land of forests, waterfalls, hills and tea. It is also filled with pure lakes and thick forests. Hence, people has a special love for this natural destination. Also it is a greenery enriched spot. Both the people and geography of this place welcome the tourists from various places heartily. In addition college students often choose this place for their trip. Wayanad also has man-made tourists spots like resorts and home stays. Moreover these spots are built in the middle of the nature. Hence, the construction is made without harming the nature. Therefore, Wayanad is a must visit destination.

Wayanad Tourist Places

  1. Kuruva island (Nature and Wildlife)
  2. 900 kandi
  3. Edakkal Cave (Historical site)
  4. Soojipara Waterfalls
  5. Chembra Peak (Nature and Wild life)
  6. Banasura Sagar Dam (Nature and Wildlife)
  7. Pookode Lake (Nature and Wildlife)
  8. Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary (Natural and Wildlife)
  9. Neelimala View point (Natural and Wildlife)
  10. Jain temple (Religious site)
  11. Glass Bridge (Nature and Wildlife)

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The land of sculptures, smells of spices and delicious cuisines. Everyone who visits this place also looking for the unique tastes of the land. Additionally the hill tops, historic sites, rivers, view points and beaches make Kozhikode a popular destination. Basically, Kozhikode is the face of Kerala, offering a lot of love with its sights and tastes.

Kozhikode Tourist Places

  1. Kappad Beach (Historic sites and beaches)
  2. Floating bridge
  3. Tali Temple (Tali temple)
  4. Sargaalaya (Handicrafts)
  5. Beypore Beach (beaches)
  6. Vayalada (mountains and view points)
  7. Kakkayam Dam ( Dams)
  8. Thusharagiri (Waterfalls)
  9. Kozhippara Falls (Waterfalls)
  10. Kozhikode Beach


Malappuram is especially famous for its Islam Philosophy and hindu-vedic culture. It is also the soccer capital of kerala. Besides its tourist attractions, it is also important for their tastes, love and culture of Malabar. It is also a hilly district with attractive tourist spots.

Malappuram Tourist Places

  1. Nilambur Teak Museum (Museums and monuments)
  2. Mini ooty
  3. Kodikuthimala (mountains and viewpoints)
  4. Thunjanparambu
  5. Thirumandhamkunn Temple (religious site)
  6. Kottakkunnu (mountains and viewpoints )
  7. Nedumkayam (forest)
  8. Kumaragiri Farm Nature Camp (farms and nature)
  9. Ponnani Juma Masjid (religious site)
  10. Mamburam masjid
  11. Paloor Kotta Waterfall (waterfalls)
  12. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary ( Nature and wild life)
  13. Kollam Kolli Waterfalls (waterfalls)
  14. Padinjarekkara Beach (Beaches)
  15. Pazhayangadi Mosque (religious site)
  16. Elembalai Hill (mountains and view points)
  17. Chinglimada
  18. Ayyappanov
  19. Nila park
  20. Bharathpuzha
  21. Minipamba
  22. Kootayi beach
  23. Ponnani Beach
  24. Biyyam kayal


Firstly Palakkad is a major tourist destination with huge beautiful sites. Therefore it is the largest district of Kerala with most visited places and beauty spots in our state. It is also called rice ball of kerala.

Palakkad Tourist Places

  1. Nelliyambathi hills (mountains and view points)
  2. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve (Reserves and sanctuaries)
  3. Kava (hangout spots)
  4. Malampuzha Dam and Garden
  5. Seethargundu (Viewpoint)
  6. Kalpathy Temple ( religious spot)
  7. Tipu Sultan Fort ( Historic site)
  8. Kannimara Teak (nature and wildlife)
  9. Dhoni Waterfalls
  10. Attapadi Reserve Forest (wild life)
  11. Velliyamkallu (Heritage park)
  12. Pothundi Dam
  13. Kanjirapuzha (river )
  14. Meenvallam Waterfalls
  15. Silent Valley National Park
  16. Siruvani Dam
  17. Varikassery mana (movie spot)
  18. Rayiranellur mala


Firstly Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala. It is especially famous for festivals and its ancient religious constructions. Secondly Thrissur pooram is an important festive celebration of Malayalees as personal pride. It is also a attractive tourist spot.

Thrissur Tourist Places

  1. Athirappilly Waterfalls (waterfalls)
  2. Vazhachal (Forest)
  3. Vadakkunnathan Temple (religious site)
  4. Chavakkad Beach ( Beach)
  5. Snehatheeram Beach (Beach)
  6. Kerala Kalamandalam (cultural site)
  7. Shakthan Thampuran Palace (Historic sites and monuments )
  8. Chimmony Dam (Dam)
  9. Thrissur Zoo and Museum
  10. Peechi dam
  11. Vilangan kunnu
  12. Naalu manikaatu
  13. Panchavadi beach
  14. Vazhani dam
  15. Poomala dam
  16. Punnathoor elephant sanctuary
  17. Sreekrishna temple guruvayoor
  18. St Thomas syro Malabar church Palayur
  19. St joseph parish church Pavaratty
  20. Marine world chavakkad
  21. Nehru park Thrissur
  22. Marotichal waterfalls and forest wild life
  23. Perumala
  24. Malakkapara
  25. Vattayi


Surprisingly it is the metro city of kerala and leads a great role in the devlopment of tourism. It is also a major center of urbanisation in kerala. And also blessed with Viewpoints, Beaches, Backwaters and hilltops.

Kochi Tourist Places

  1. Chottanikkara Temple (Religious site)
  2. Edappally Church Complex (Religious site)
  3. Puthuvype beach
  4. BhoothathanKettu Dam & Reserve Forest
  5. Aluva Shiva Temple (Religious site)
  6. St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica, Ernakulam (Religious site)
  7. Paniely Poru (water bodies)
  8. Munambam Beach
  9. Mattancheri palace (Historic site)
  10. Hill palace
  11. Cherai beach


The most famous and attractive tourist district blessed with Hills, rivers and valleys. It is also a major space of adventure tourism in Kerala. Moreover the journey between the tea plantations are beautiful. Idukki is also blessed with many sights like Hills, valleys, river, waterfalls, wildlife, Dams and water bodies. Surely the forest cover and greenery will attract the people. Therefore, it is one among the best tourist places to visit in kerala.

Idukki Tourist Places

  1. Idukki Dam Meesapulimala (mountains and view points)
  2. Munnar
  3. Vattavada
  4. Vagamon
  5. Thangalpara
  6. Kurishumala
  7. Kolukkumalai
  8. Kalvari Mount ( mountains)
  9. Anayirankal Dam Reservoir ( Dam)
  10. Panchalimedu (hills)
  11. Anchuruli Waterfalls (waterfalls)
  12. Cheeyappara waterfalls (waterfalls)
  13. Cheruthoni dam (dam)
  14. Chathurangapara (view point)
  15. Ramakkalmedu (historical site)
  16. Valara waterfalls (waterfalls)
  17. Ponmudi dam
  18. Virippara waterfalls
  19. Idukki wild life sanctuary
  20. Kurinjimala Wildlife Sanctuary
  21. Thomankuthu Falls


Kottayam is another important district in kerala with some tourist places. Additionally Portions of Western ghats and Back waters are the basic attractions of their nature.

Kottayam Tourist Places

  1. Illikkal Kallu (mountains)
  2. Elaveezhapoonchira (mountains)
  3. Vaikom Mahadeva Temple (religious site)
  4. Maramala waterfalls
  5. Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple (religious site)
  6. Malliyoor Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple (religious site)
  7. Kattikkayam Waterfalls
  8. Bay Island Driftwood (Museum)
  9. Tomb Of Saint Alphonsa (historic site)
  10. Kottayam Cheriapally (St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church) (religious site)
  11. Clay Art Cafe (art)
  12. Aruvikkachal Waterfall
  13. Kumarakam (birdsancturaies)
  14. Back waters


Alappuzha is the must visit spot among the best tourist places to visit in kerala. Also called The Venice of Kerala. It is also Known for backwater tourism, this place is a tourist’s paradise. Also the rural and greeny atmosphere with mouth watering seafoods is the highlight of this site.

Alappuzha Tourist Places

  1. Alleppey Backwaters (water bodies)
  2. Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple (religious site)
  3. Revi Karunakaran Museum ( museum)
  4. Alappuzha Beach
  5. St. Andrew’s Basilica Arthunkal (historical sites and monuments)
  6. International Coir Museum
  7. St. Mary’s Forane Church ( religious site)
  8. Sree Subramanya Swami Temple (religious site)


A major municipality of the state Kerala. It is also a diverse tourist spot of our nation. It is filled with rivers, hills and greenery and also rich in many religious sites especially Sabarimala and hence, it is known as the Headquarters of Pilgrimage Tourism. Also the world famous eco/tourism spot, Gavi belongs to this place. Additionally the elephant training centre and timber trading centres like Konni and Adavi makes it as a must visit place. Above all, Pampa, a major river makes this district more beautiful.

Pathanamthitta Tourist Places

  1. Sabarimala
  2. Aranmula parthasarathi temple
  3. St George orthodox church chandanappally
  4. Pandalam temple
  5. Perunthenaruvi water falls
  6. Kakki reservoir back water.
  7. GAVI


Basically economical, cultural and educational significance of kollam is a major contribution to Kerala. It is also a major tourist destination with number of Waterfalls, back waters and cultural centres. Above all it is famous for India’s first ecotourist site Thenmala and largest bird statue.

Kollam Tourist Places

  1. Kollam Tourist Spots
  2. Jatayu Earth’s Center
  3. Palaruvi Falls
  4. Sasthamkotta Lake
  5. Kollam Beach
  6. Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls
  7. Neendakara Port
  8. Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Thirumullavaram Beach
  10. Thenmala (ecotourism)
  11. Sambranikodi


It is the capital district of the state, Kerala. This beautiful spot is also filled with various art galleries, museums and religious sites. Additionally famous beaches like Kovalam beach make the tourists from India and abroad to visit here. The administration buildings of Kerala government likewise the Secretariat can also be seen here. In addition people also choose this destination for their trips to visit its various shopping malls and theme parks. As a result Trivandrum will always remain as a major tourist place of India.

Trivandrum Tourist Places

  1. Sree padmanabhaswamy temple
  2. Poovar island
  3. Magic planet theme park
  4. Kovalam beach
  5. Thiruvananthapuram zoo
  6. Vizhinjam lighthouse
  7. Shanghumukham beach
  8. Priyadarshini planetarium

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