Best places to visit in Kasaragod

Kasaragod is known as the Land of god, the northern most district of Kerala leads a significant position in the field of Kerala tourism. The land is famous for its rich cultural backgrounds and historical importance, and also known as Sapta Bhasha Sangama Bhoomi (land of seven languages) due to its linguistic diversity. Its long coastline is another major significance and also the highest river flowing district in Kerala. Checkout the best tourist places list to visit in Kasaragod.

Kasaragod is also surrounded by Kannur district in the south, Manglore in the north, Western ghats in the west and Atabian sea in the east. The land of god is a signal spot in Kerala in terms of its geographical features, landscapes, constructions, Culture and traditions. Temples and temple artefacts made this land so blessed. Theyyam’s and komara’s are still the face of North kerala. Each and every corners of Kasaragod are also beautiful with different cultures. The views here are different.

Best tourist places list to visit in Kasaragod

Bekal fort

Firstly, Bekal fort is the face of Kasaragod, district tourism that proudly lies on the shores of Arabian sea. It is one of the largest fort in Kerala build with laterite and sculptures. It was build in 17 th century and a most preserved fort in kerala right now. Bekal is also a favourite historic destination.

Ranipuram mountains

Ranipuram mountains is a prominent trekking spot in Kasaragod. Secondly, the beautiful hill top is famous for its cool and cold climate. Also the Trekking through the deep woods and plants will be a wounderful experience. This region shares a border with State karnataka. Hence, Ranipuram is a most visited hilltop and a noble destination of hikers and students.

Ananthapura lake temple

Ananthapura lake temple is the only lake temple in Kerala. Its a hindu religious spot but also an important visiting spot in Kasaragod. The temple is devoted to padmanabha swamy or lord Vishnu. Additionally, temple at the centre of a huge spring will mesmerise your eyes and mind.


Malom is a hilly region lies as par of the wester ghats. The spot is popularly known as the coorg of Kerala due to its climate, surroundings and atmosphere. But Malom is a least explored beautiful spot in Kerala. It is an ideal spot for safest trekking and camping.

Malla temple

Malla sri durga parameswari temple of Kasaragod is a famous religious site renowned for its architectural style. The temple is devoted to mother goddess Durga. The temple is a must visit in Kasaragod. The divine food distribution to the devotees, commonly called as Annadhanam is so delicious and serving to every one. Apart from being a temple, it is also a place frequented by many tourists.

Kottancheri hills

Kottancheri hills is a beautiful hills in the western ghats part of Kasaragod. This place is dweled by tribal’s and local populations. Kottancheri hills lies near to the Brahmagiri hills of coorg, Karnataka. It is also a group of hills with Kottancherry mala, Kumban mala, Pannyar mala, and Kanthanppara standing in a shape of Fort. Additionally, the lush greeny surroundings attracts vistors to this hill top.

Chandragiri fort

Chandragiri is another important historical destination and fort of Kerala. The fort is located in a small hill on the bank of the meeting of Payaswini river and arabian sea. The walls made of laterite and parts of the fort were destroyed. It is also an important tourist spot mostly visited by students and historians.

Parappa wild life sanctuary

Parappa wild life sanctuary is a natural habitate for several varities of birds and animals. It is also a major tourist location in Kasaragod. Additionally, wild life like turtle, porcupine, pig, fox, wild cats, malabar hornbill, slender loris and jungle cat are prominent here. It is one of the most visited spot in Kasaragod.


Nikeswaram is a very famous place in Kasaragod and the cultural capital of the district. The town is nestled by two important rivers of kasaragod, the the Nileshwaram Puzha and Thejaswini Puzha. Secondly, the spot is famous for its spectacular beauty and old architectural constructions and temples.


Valiyaparamba is a major hangout spot in Kasaragod with an immense beauty of backwaters stretch. The beautiful spot is located near to the Bekal fort. Enchanting surroundings and visuals of Valiyaparamba attracts tourists and travellers. Therefore, it is a better choice to hangout with your favourites along with swimming and fishing.

Town of Kumbala

The town of kumbala is a local space to spent with your favourites. The evening views of this spot is also marvelous. Additionally, it will be a cool spot to pleasure seekers and photographers.

Bela church

Bela church is an important religious spot in Kasaragod and believed to be the oldest church of the district. The place is visited by devotees and travallers in search of peace and happiness.

Veermala hills

Veermala is a local picnic spot in Kasaragod but attracts the attention of travelers in and out side the district with its fascinating beauty. It offers a splendid view of River Kariangode. It is a suitable spot for camping.

Maipadi palace

Maipadi palace is a major tourist attraction with some historical backgrounds. The buildings and architecture of this palace is a nice sight to the visitors. Maipadi is also mostly visited by students and local travellers. The royal atmosphere of this palace will be a nice feel.

Kammadam Sacred Grove Wildlife Sanctuary

Kammadam sacred grove wild life Sanctuary is a naturally blessed spot. The sacred grove is a part of a local bhagavathi temple and is a home to different verities of flora and fauna. It is considered as the biggest holy plantation of kerala covered with lush green forest, shrubs and medicinal plants. This spot is a must visit.

Mallikarjuna temple

Mallikarjuna temple is a great religious spot in Kasargod, devoted to lord Shiva. It is considered to be the oldest temple in the district. The renowned musical theatres and art form yakshagana is so famous around north kerala. The temple is a popular destination for many tourists.

Hosdurg fort

Kasargod is home to number of Forts and historical constructions. Hosdurg is an important historical ruein of this land. The unique feature of this fort is round bastion.

Nellikkunu beach

The long coastline of Kasargod is a major significance. Nelkikkunu is a prominent and most visited beach of tourists in the land. The clean and calm atmosphere of this beach is an atraction. Beautiful evenings and sun set will fascinate you.

Kasaragod is a land to a number of magical sights.
There is no other place in Kerala where the most beautiful views, traditions and different cultures are equally harmonious. Though the language and culture are mixed, they do not forget to warmly welcome the travelers comiming home. Come to explore the enchanting beauty.

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