Best places to visit in Kannur

Kannur is one of the southern districts of the Kerala state. It has a long list of tourist spots. Hence, it is a major tourist attraction of our state. Kannur is famous for a lot of things such as beaches, sights, hills etc. The tourist places include Paithalmala, Payyambalam Beach, St. Angelo Fort, Pet Station, Muzhappilangadi Drive In Beach etc. Many religious sites too adds to this long list of tourist attractions. Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala is a key feature of this district and therefore this place has a remarkable place in the Indian map. Let us check this awesome and long tourists spots in Kannur. Checkout the list of tourist places in Kannur

List Of Tourist Places in Kannur


This is a very famous hill station situated near Pottenplave village of Kannur district. It is the highest peak of Kannur and therefore often visited by youngsters who loves trekking. Tourists can enjoy the view of Paithal valley, thick forest and the observatory tower made by the department of tourism. A walk from Paithal Valley take us to the observatory tower. Nature lovers, photographers, trekkers frequently choose this destination as their picnic spot.

St. Angelo Fort

This fort is a major historical site of Kannur and hence is visited by many scholars and students. This is an eminent spot in list of tourist places in Kannur which is visited by tourists especially foreign people to relax and click photos. It is well known as Kannur fort and tourists can enjoy the Arabian Sea, the chappal and light house within the fort. The Moppila Bay and Arakkal Masjid are the two major tourist attractions nearby and hence tourists gets the advantage to enjoy all these sites within a single trip.

Payyambalam Beach

This beach is the major highlight of Kannur tourism. The beauty about this spot is that it has regular visitors and is a place which can be equally enjoyed by kids and adults. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset and sea waves from here. It is also known as the ‘Walking Beach ‘. It is a must visit spot in Kannur.

Pet Station

It is a picnic spot opened very recently and hence visitors flood into this destination every now and then. The immense amount of visitors added this into the list of major tourist places in Kannur. Animal lovers can choose this position because this place displays various species of birds and animals. Visitors can play with these creatures and also enjoy horse riding. It is nearby sea and people can enjoy seaside as well. This place is like a small zoo and entrance fees is just Rs. 30 per head. Today, it is a favourite spot of kids.

Arakkal Musuem

This is a very famous cultural, historical and heritage site of Kannur. It is dedicated to the Arakkal Ali Raja family, the only Muslim royal family in Kerala. It is established in July 2005 and is still maintained by the Arakkal Trust. The museum is based within the former residence of royal family, that is, Durbar Hall is converted into museum. A visit across the museum enables us to enjoy the old archeology especially the wooden floors and also to understand the trade relationship between the old Arakkal rulers and European rulers. Musuem reflects the culture of pre – independent Kannur and is a must visit destination in the list of tourist attractions in Kannur.

Science Park

It is a picnic spot opted for the study tour of the school students. This place enables for the spreading of scientific knowledge and provides practical aspects of science. The place is usually closed on Sundays.

Muzappilangad Drive – In beach

It is one among the major five beaches in Kannur district and is getting famous day by day. Visitors can enjoy the sea, sunset, rides in car and bike. The highlight is that it is the longest drive-in beach in Asia and is featured among the top six beaches for driving by BBC. Apart from beach vibes, the spot provides the site of various migratory birds, because this place is a major bird hotspot too. The National Highway is nearby and therefore people can reach here easily.

Palakkayam Thattu

This is hilltop area which often attracts tourists to Kannur. Being a perfect spot, one can also enjoy hilltop, greenery and sunset. Recently, the spot has been renovated and provides the visitors many adventurous activities like zip lining. Additionally, Numerous tourists visit this place daily for trekking and to click good photographs.

Snake Park

MVR Snake Park is a different tourist attraction in Kannur and is situated at Parassinikkadavu. It is also one of the best snake sanctuaries in Asia and people can see varieties of snakes from small to large. It is a picnic spot which can be enjoyed with a small amount of entrance fee and schools often choose this spot as a part of the study tour of their students.

Vismaya Water Theme Park

It is the best spot in Kannur to spend a whole day. People of differents ages love to visit this water theme park to enjoy various adventurous rides and play in water. Also, this is the place which has been visited by the tourists the most after covid restrictions are removed from our state. Even today, people choose this place to enjoy their day with both family and friends. The park provides a special discount in their entrance fees for students.

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