Best places to visit in Idukki

Idukki is one of the fascinators destinations in the map of the tourist of Kerala. Secondly, it is blessed with natural beauty, this place is one of the tourist paradises. Also, tourist attractions like hills, streams, waterfalls, lush greenery, view points and dense forests add to the beauty of Idukki. Due to the dense cover of greeny forests and rich flora and fauna ,its a best spot to the natural lovers. This site is famous for its unique views, here you can see the beautiful tourist places list to explore.

List of best beautiful tourist places in Idukki

Idukki arch dam

It is a significant dam in the Periyar river. This lies between two hills called Kuravan and Kuravathi. Secondly, the lush greeny surroundings of the dam is a major attraction. Boating for tourists are also available here as a part of the promotion of hydal tourism in Kerala.

Periyar national park – Thekkadi

A very famous destination of rich flora and fauna in the western ghats region. Thekkadi is also famous for royal bengal tigers and Elephants. The adventurous beauty of this land will be an amazing experience. This is a most visited destination in Kerala, that attracting travelers with magnificent views and activities such as Jeep safari, Elephant safari, Jungle safari, bamboo rafting ,boating, hiking,
Bamboo grove and jungle stay.


It is a hot spot of diversity with fascinating views and sights. Also, the second highest peak in South India, elevated at an altitude of 2641 meters above sea level attracting tourists to its lap. Meesapulimala presents the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in life. Additionally, The sight of vast covered cloud beds will be a fantastic experience.


Its a beautyful hamlet of scenery close to the Kerala Tamilnadu border. Secondly, the lush greeny cover is a home to varities of birds and small animals. This area is famous for adventurous activities including hiking, paragliding, trekking, and camping.

Anamudi peak

South India’s highest peak is a pride to Kerala that stands at a height of 2695 metres above sea level in Munnar. Secondly, it is located at the boundaries of Eravikulam national park that offers the visitors immense presents of flora and fauna. The peak is a home to elephant population. It is also famous for the Neela Kurinji flower which is known to blossom only once every 12 years.

Eravikulam national park

The UNESCO world heritage site in Kerala also known as Rajamalai wild life sanctuary. It is also a home to wide varity of flora and fauna. Eravikulam is a greatest destination in the Nilgiris. The varities of animals like Elephant, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri marten, Atlas moth, lion-tailed macaque, small-clawed otter, and a rare tiger and leopard can be spotted here.


Munnar is a storehouse of sights. Also, really a paradise with a lot of beautiful places and enchanting spots. Secondly, the beautiful hill station is a major attraction among the Idukki tourist places list and the kerala tourism. The significant tourist spots like Eravikulam national park , Kolukkumalai, chinnar, Mattupetti and etc are also belongs to this place. The greeny plantation fields, waterfalls, rivers, and hill tops make munnar as favourite destination. Its a major honeymoon destination in Kerala. The cold and fresh atmosphere can create a best mood and pleasure.


Vagamon is a pure heaven to the tourist of Kerala. Its a hill station in Kerala with a pleasant climate and atmoshere . Activities such as trekking, rock climbing and paragliding being offered to tourists make this spot more adventurous and leading a significant role in the most adventurous sites in India. The lush greeny hills , tea gardens ,waterfalls and pine forest atracting people to visit over here.


A favourite camping spot of Natural lovers that lies in the rain shadow region of the western ghats. It is a vast agricultural area blessed with a fine climate favorable for the cultivation of some fruits and vegetables. The strawberry harvesting season of vattavada is a festival for travellers. The natural village campings here is a beautiful attraction.


Suryanelli is famous for its tea and cardamom plantations and beautiful view points. The kolukkumalai view point here will be a marvelous experience. You can feel the best sun rise at the top of the hill through the waves of cloud beds under you. Suryanelli also a home to endangered species and a very calm and silent greeny forest.

Kulamavu dam

Kulamavu dam is a part of river periyar. It is a beautiful and small sight seeing spot in Idukki. Kulamavu is a gravity dam , a part of Idukki hydro electric power plant. The green cover around the dam is a nice sight and boating is also avaiaile. Hikers will get a beautiful time to spend with nature while tracking to the hill station.

Keezharkuth falls

It is a less explored spot in Idukki with a beautiful and enchanting atmosphere.
Keezharkuthu Falls is ideal for rock climbing, mountaineering and camp tracking and camping.

Thommankuth falls

A magnificant destination in Idukki. Thommankuth is a waterfall that attracting visitors with its captivating greeny atmosphere and activities. Boating, horse riding and fishing are available for visitors and also the spot is favourable for trekking and camping.


It is a popular tea and coffee plantation in Idukki famous for its vast greeny beauty. The small tea shops here is an attraction. It is best gang destination to explore the beauty and togetherness with a cup of tea or coffee.

Ayyapancoil Hanging Bridge

A simple and beautiful hangout spot in Idukki. It is a major weekend spot with pleasent atmosphere and surroundings. The hanging bridge is one the famous bridge in Kerala . The surrounding views of reservoirs and mountains will treat your eyes.

Anchuruli waterfalls

Anchuruli falls is located in the Erattayar River that used for the Idukki hydro-electric project. The falls is a beautiful spot with the presents of semi evergreen forests and grasslands. There is also a tunnel in the river which is 2 km long passes through Erattayar and Anchuruli carrying water to the lake. As a result, it is a favorite spot of adventurous lovers.


A beautiful spot with a fresh cold climate among the Idukki tourist places list. It is a must visit spot to experience the presents of fresh and cool breeze and atmosphere. There is also a temple at the top of the hill. Additionally, the spot has a connection with Purana One of the caves here bears the footprints of Bhima.

Mathikettan shola national park

Its lies between Eravikulam National Park and Pampadam Shola National Park. Also, in 2003 it declared as a national park to encourage the protection of nature and to promote cardamom plantation.

Pambadum shola national park

Pambadum shola is the smallest national park in Kerala. Cloudy weather experience throughout the year is ideal for trekking and picnics. The land is a hub of varities of endangered species and also a home to verities of native butterflies.

Pothammedu view point

It is situated 5 kilometer off Munnar. Pothanmedu is a lush green mount and a significant view point in Munnar. Secondly, the sun set sights of this region is marvelous. It is a major picnic spot in Idukki and also ideal for trecking and camping. The sight of Idukki arch dam from the top of the hill is also a fantastic experience.


Kuttikkanam is a famous hill station in Kerala with the captivating beauty of tea and coffee plantations every where . Additionally, its a major camping site located 3500 feet above sea level, the pleasent mood created by the nature is a best experience here.

The sights of Idukki never end and it still lies,
The views are hidden in the nooks and corners of the place. There are also many sights to see in Munnar,Vagamon , Vattavada and the surroundings. Spots like Kalvari mount , chathurangappara, hill view park, painavu,anakkara,mangala devei temple,Tumpachi kalaveri samuchayam and so on. The breathtaking views of Idukki await you. Come and enjoy.

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