Best places to visit in Alappuzha

Alappuzha is a home to a vast and beautiful natural beauty. It is also known as the Venice of the East. Because the beauty of the backwaters here is so magical. Alleppey attracts a large number of tourists with its enchanting atmosphere.It is doubtful whether there is another honeymoon destination that is so popular in Kerala. Although it’s a couple’s paradise, it’s also ideal for spending time with your family and friends.The sights here are the hallmarks of Kerala tourism. Here you can gothrough the best alappuzha tourist places list.

List of Tourist Places In Alappuzha

Alleppey Backwater

Alleppey backwaters are the main part of Alapuzha, more than just a tourist destination, it is also the basis of the life of the Alleppey people. Backwaters are used as the medium of transportation, fishing, and agricultural purposes, but also the touristic significance of these backwaters is a notable thing. The houseboat journey is a major attraction here. We can explore the beauty of nature through a houseboat ride and watch the surroundings, traditional life of common rural people, different birds like storks, hornbills, kingfishers swifts, and beautiful sunset.

Ambalapuzha Sreekrishna temple

Firstly one of the very famous and great temples in Kerala. It is a Hindu religious site since 15 th century built by a local ruler Chembakassery pooradam Thirunal Thamburan and dedicated to Lord Krishna. Ambalapuzha palpayasam is renowned in Kerala. Ambalapuzha temple festival is popularly known as Chambakulam Moolam Jalolsavam(water festival) and also, Aratt is held here for all the Thiruvonam days. As a result, this is a must visit temple in Kerala.

Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum

A famous and privately owned museum in Alappuzha that beautifully keeping a private collection of Swarovski crystals,ivory, furniture,Tanjore paintings and some artifacts.It is a memorial of Architect Ravi karunakaran who worked a lote for the development of Coir Industries in Alleppey and Kerala. It is a best place to visit and enjoy.

Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha Beach is a famous tourist destination of travellers. The beach is a major attraction due to some packages of festivals and celebrations here. The Alappuzha Beach Festival is a must watch as it celebrates the New Year every year. It is a gathering spot of people all over Kerala.The sea view park and vijay park are the beautiful beach parks to hangout and chill with friends and family. Adventurous activities like bungee jumping and parasailing are also available for the visitors. The clean and spacious beach is best space for Photo shoots.

St. Andrew’s Basilica Arthunkal

A major historical spot in Alleppey was built by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century. Here is a celebration during January called annual feast of st Sabastian Arthunkal is a famous feast in India that attracts pilgrims to alleppey.This site is believed as a holy space of Christians. This place is definitely worth a visit as it plays a vital role in the Christian history of Kerala.

International coir Museum

It is a must visit place while your trip to support and understand the functioning of Coir industry in Kerala. Coir industry is an important employment sector in Kerala to support the life of native people of these region. The manufacture, uses and other details of coir products can be learned with the help of a guide. Throughout the visit,the guide will accompany you. You can cover this museum and near by sites with in one day.

Marari Beach

An important location to hangout With your favourites. It is a major local fishing village in Alleppey located around 11 km from town. People come here to enjoy the beautiful evenings.The serene and peaceful atmosphere of the place delights the mind.

Krishnapuram Palace

A beautiful and significant historical construction in Kayamkulam,Alappuzha. The palace is famous for its largest mural painting (Gajendramoksham) in Kerala.
maintained by the Archaeological Department of Kerala and a source of different kinds of ruins belonged to the Palace and its rulers. Visitors can still see a completely regal atmosphere here.


Pathiramanal of Alleppey is definitely a paradise to birds and bird watchers. It is a small greeny island with rich presents of different flora and fauna.The island is home to verities of migratory birds like Night Heron, Cormorant, Darter, Indian Shag, Purple Heron, Cattle Egret, Indian Pond Heron, Little Egret, Pintail Ducks, Bronze-winged Jacanas, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Whistling Duck, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Little Cormorant, Whiskered Tern, Common Teal etc. It is a popular bird sanctuary in Kerala. There is around 50 species of migratory birds and 91 species of local birds are in this spot. A time period of December to March is the best season to visit and explore here.

Punnamada lake

Kerala’s largest Lake Vembanad is also called Punnamada in Alleppey and its surroundings. Additionally here we can see many beautiful riverine islands and their habitats. The famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race is conducted in a part of the lake.
Secondly there is a major elephant camp to the north of Punnamada famous for elephant training. Punnamada has a lot of fish and migratory birds, which treats you more grant.

Alappuzha is really a paradise. It will also play an important role in generating revenue for the Kerala tourism sector. Due to this, the tourism sector of Aleppey is expanding day by day. There are several tourist packages available here,both grand and affordable plans with many fun activities. Come and enjoy the Venice of the East.

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