Achankovil River is one of the most renowned rivers in Kerala. It originates from the hills of Achankovil in the Pathanamthitta and flows through Mavelikkara. This river nurtures numerous townships on its fertile banks. The serene beauty and calm environment make this place incredible and totally unique from the rest of the tourist destinations. Achankovil River is also known as the Achankovilaaru. This is basically located in Pathanamthitta and combines with the Pamba River in Alappuzha. This river is formed when the rivers such as Rishimala, Pasukidamettu, and Ramakklalteri meet. This river has a length of almost 128 kilometers. If you actually love to explore the rivers of India then the Achankovil River would be a perfect choice. This is the best destination to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Also, Edappon – a place famous for the flora and fauna lies on the banks of the river and can be explored as well.

The river is unique in that along its route is a large number of ancient temples, indicating that the richness of the river basin has been identified by humans since ancient times and they preferred to settle down there so that they could grow their crops on the fertile lands. Even though, the Achankovil River is not easily accessible and the visitors have to take the forest route to reach the river. A lovely walk amongst the lush green vegetation is an effort that is enjoyable as well as sweetly rewarded with the gem of a river – Achankovil. Thus the adventurous travelers and nature lovers will find the place equally exciting.

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